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Jaclyn Reiss

cropped-business-pic.jpgI am currently an assistant editor at The New York Times, where I help oversee news content on the homepage and edit breaking push notifications.

Before joining the Times, I worked at The Boston Globe as a senior homepage and digital news manager, Express Desk reporter, and Sunday night Metro editor.

As senior homepage and digital news editor, I helped manage all breaking news across a variety of topics for The Boston Globe’s website, app, and social media platforms. I helped oversee all main social media accounts associated with the Globe, including Twitter and Facebook; crafted and edited breaking e-mail and app push alerts; laid out and gave feedback on’s homepage; repurposed print content for the digital reader; and supervised a small team of content producers.

In 2017, I also stepped into the role of Sunday night Metro editor, where I married my Express Desk and digital skills with a traditional Metro editor’s duties. In that role, I oversaw a small team of reporters and interns, assessed and assigned breaking news stories for both print and online, and helped edit the Globe’s Metro print section for Monday. 

I also helped with scheduling, payroll, recruitment, hiring, and training for both the and Metro/Express Desk divisions of the newsroom. 

As an employee, I am energetic, enthusiastic, persistent, detail-oriented, ambitious, and ceaselessly searching for the next big story. I work efficiently both individually and as part of a team, and continuously strive to think creatively about out-of-the-box approaches to present digital content.

I feel most comfortable working in a fast-paced news environment and reporting over a variety of platforms, both digital and print.

My post-college career started at the The Boston Globe in May 2011, the same month I graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

I worked from 2011 through 2014 as a beat reporter covering the suburbs west and south of Boston, including some of the most densely-populated communities in the state, before becoming a content producer and then digital editor for the Globe.

As a Globe journalist, I reported from the ground on the Newtown, Conn. school shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent Watertown gunfight and manhunt, the criminal investigation of Aaron Hernandez, and more.

I was also part of the Globe team that won a 2014 Pulitzer Prize and a 2013 Online News Association award for coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and aftermath.