Here is a sampling of my latest stories. (Note — stories are behind a paywall.)

A few topics among the many that I have either spotted or written up as a producer for

Martin Shkreli reportedly buys Wu-Tang album for $2m

Fan makes ‘crybaby’ motion near LeBron — and gets caught

Donald Trump makes gains among N.H. voters, poll finds

Shoppers turn out for Lululemon warehouse sale in Boston

‘Deez Nutz’ endorses Bernie Sanders for Democratic bid

Red Sox fan struggles with poncho, announcers can’t keep it together

Jeb Bush says he would kill baby Hitler

University of Missouri protesters block, argue with members of media

Have Starbucks’ holiday cups ever said ‘Merry Christmas’?

Some stories I wrote as a reporter for The Boston Globe:

Statue of sleepwalking man triggers controversy at Wellesley College

  • A realistic-looking statue of a man sleepwalking in his underwear near the center of Wellesley College created a stir and a petition among the women on campus in February 2014.
  • As this story broke and went viral nationwide, many newspapers and online publications — including the Associated Press — used content and information from my article.

Watertown man had front-row seat to shootout with Boston Marathon bomb suspects

  • One of many stories  I covered on the shootout between police and the alleged Boston Marathon bombers in Watertown, Mass., a community that I cover on a beat. I also reported from the scene of the gunfight in the early hours of April 19, tweeting information and filing color for the Globe.

In Boston Marathon explosion aftermath, chaos, worry, and frantic calls home

  • Reported from about a half-mile away where homemade bombs exploded at the 2013 Boston Marathon finish line.

A morning’s calm is shattered in a Connecticut town

  • Page One story covering the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. I was among some of the first reporters to arrive on scene after the shooting in Newtown, Conn., where much of my family lives.

Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez reportedly questioned in death investigation

  • Broke initial story for The Boston Globe on the criminal investigation into Aaron Hernandez, a former tight end for the New England Patriots.

Neighbor says he tried to help alleged murder victim of Jared Remy

  • Reported and recorded video of neighbor who said he witnessed the alleged murder of Jennifer Martel, who was reportedly dating the son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy.

Watertown residents know their town best: a post-Marathon profile of Watertown, Mass.

  • An enterprising feature profiling Watertown, Mass. that ran as a prominent centerpiece story on the front page of Globe West following the Marathon bombing events.

On leave, chief got longevity bonus

  • Filed Freedom of Information Act requests and culled city payroll documents to report on how the Waltham police chief collected $182,358 in salary and other benefits while on administrative leave for allegedly assaulting his wife, including a $16,814 longevity bonus he received after his arrest.

Wellesley firefighters send back Caribbean cruise tickets from Ellen DeGeneres

  • Broke news that four Wellesley firefighters, who appeared in a viral video where they rescued a golden retriever from an icy Charles River, had to give Ellen DeGeneres back Caribbean cruise tickets due to state ethics laws. I also broke the initial story on the dog’s rescue for the Globe.

Is Framingham becoming a college town?

  • An enterprising feature on how Framingham State University, the state’s fastest-growing public university, and Massachusetts Bay Community College have affected local businesses and residents  in Framingham, one of the most populous towns in Massachusetts.

From The MetroWest Daily News: 

Framingham officials push for collective bargaining bill

Experts say housing costs, schools key to job creation in Massachusetts

MWRA: Clean water is their passion, business

Legislature considers online sales tax bill

To view more of my clips as a State House correspondent, visit BU’s State House Program website.



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